What needs to be discussed before a booking?

As discussed in a separate article, all additional costs, including transport meed to be discussed. However, other important details should also be agreed upon to ensure expectations are met and both parties are clear.

Please ensure you both agree to a clear set of tasks and how they are to be achieved. It's also important to outline who's equipment will be used and how much time is allocated.

Here is a suggested examples for common jobs to ensure all the information is covered;

  1. Items for cleaning: 

    Example: Clean the kitchen (Mop the floor, wipe the bench, take out garbage and check the fridge for out of date products) using my equipment (Mop, cleaning products, cloth & bin) within 1 hour
  2. Out of home tasks:

          Example: Drop of dry cleaning in cupboard, pick up scripts from Pharmacy and purchase items on           the grocery list using cash provided within 2 hours

3.      Prepare meals for the week:

          Example: What recipe and ingredients are to be used, allergy or dislikes, is cleaning required after              preparation, food preparation time within 2 hours

Clear communication can help avoid disagreements and expectations not being met.