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What is Home Care Heroes risk management process?

We also have in place risk management processes in place to ensure our community feels safe and comfortable when engaging with us, our Heroes and Members.

Member risk assessment

Confirming we can provide the right amount of support for our members. If this is not the case, we will refer them to another provider to ensure they receive the care they need. We also provide an initial onboarding call when newly signed up, this is not only to welcome someone new to our community but to go over their needs and goals to ensure we can connect them with the right Hero.

Additionally, if indicated at the time of sign up a specialist care plan is in place Home Care Heroes will provide guidance that details of this plan are shared with any workers engaged to provide support.


Home Care Heroes provides comprehensive insurance cover to protect our community as part of our admin fee. For all shifts booked and worked through the Home Care Heroes platform, we provide the following insurance:

Home Care Heroes have a Group Liability & Errors and Omissions. If you are covered by our insurance, in the event that you are held responsible / liabile for personal injury, property damage or financial injury resulting from your work as a Hero, this policy will protect the interest of Home Care Heroes and of Heroes themselves.

Home Care Heroes also have a Group Personal Accident policy. If you are covered by our insurance and are injured whilst working and unable to work, this policy would pay a weekly benefit to cover a portion of the weekly wages received from Home Care Heroes bookings.

Hero Academy

The Hero Training Modules were developed as a part of the Hero Academy and are there to assist you in stepping out in the community with knowledge, confidence and a Hero’s intuition.

Their completion is not required to become a Hero but we strongly recommend they are completed to ensure you have the required skills and knowledge to be a safe and successful Hero.