What happens if I get injured or sick?

HCH does not cover you for workers’ compensation insurance, but we do offer Heroes group personal accident and sickness insurance which can cover you for lost salary due to an injury or sickness.

Some contractors are covered for Worker’s Compensation in some states and in specific circumstances. In New South Wales, contractors are not entitled to workers’ compensation insurance (including under the iCare scheme), unless you have arranged your own insurance.

As a contractor, you do not accrue sick days, paid holiday leave or other employee entitlements, so you are responsible for organising and funding your own holiday and sick leave. You should account for sick days and holiday leave when you are planning your work schedule and budget. 

We recommend that you consider purchasing personal accident and illness insurance to cover you should this prevent you from working, however if you would like further info about our group personal accident and sickness insurance, you can give us a call.