How do I find the right match for me?

At Home Care Heroes, there are two methods of finding the right person. The first method is to create a Mission Post and the second method is to use our Hero Location Search. You can find more information about these tools below.  

Recommended -  create a Mission Post! 

You can do this by clicking on the “Missions” tab and then selecting “Create a new Mission”.

Creating a Mission Post is the recommended way to find a match for a job and lets Heroes apply directly to you. 

The Mission Post will be visible to our community who can then place their interest if the role fits in with their skills and availability. 

At the bottom of the Mission Post, you can see all people that have placed their interest in the Mission. You can then click on their picture to view their profile and if you would like to - get in contact by sending message and organising a meet and greet!

Location-based Search

Finding someone via the “Find a Hero” search option allows you to search for a person in your local area by scrolling through the database. 

You can filter the search by location, interests and to include only Heroes with a Car. 

The people at the top of the search results are the closest match to your search, you can choose to message them from there.