Hero Payments & Expenses

How do I get paid?

All payments are processed through the website. In order to get paid for your time, you will need to make and complete bookings. If you need help in creating a booking, click here.

Do I need to pay for costs incurred during bookings with Members?

If you drive a car, you do not need to pay for petrol costs. The Member will cover the cost of petrol at $0.80 cents per kilometre. However, you must discuss the addition of these costs with the Member prior to bookings. Petrol costs can be added upon completion of the booking. 

Travel to and from the start of bookings is not covered by the Member. 

For other costs incurred such as tickets for entry to locations, these costs can be paid by the Member however this must be discussed with the Member prior to bookings. 

For more information about transport, click Here

What if a Member expects me to pay for my ticket but I can’t afford it?

Communication is key. Some of our Members have a tight budget and for this reason, even if they would like to, they may not be able to cover your entry or ticket. If you are not comfortable in paying for yourself, just politely let them know this and suggest some similar events that are lower in cost or free. 

What is a Companion Card?

A Companion Card is a card that some of our Members own that allows you, as a carer, entry into many locations for free. The Member is still required to cover the cost of their own ticket. 

You can read more about what locations accept Companion Cards here: http://www.nswcompanioncard.org.au/where-can-i-use-my-card

What is the Hero Pay Schedule? 

Heroes are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

  • For all bookings completed between the 1st and 15th of the month, you will be paid on the 1st day of the following month. 
  • Example: For any booking completed between the 1st and 15th of June, you will be paid on the 1st of July. 
  • For all bookings completed between the 16th and the 30th or 31st of the month, you will be paid on the 15th day of the following month. 
  • Example: For any booking completed between the 16th and 30th of June, you will be paid on the 15th of July. 

In order to be paid in the correct pay period, the booking must be completed on the platform within the same period pay period in which it occurred. 

Please note, if the Hero pay run falls on a weekend, you will get paid on the following business day.

Is my income tax withholding removed from my remuneration? 

No. As a Hero, because you are an independent contractor you do not have any f ederal income tax withholding taken from you. You can read more about the responsibilities of an independent contractor here.

For more information about Tax, click Here.
For more information about being an independent contractor (sole trader), click Here

What is the pricing structure?

Services Members Hourly Rate Helpers Hourly Rate Net (Less insurance)
1-on-1 $35 $27.30 $26.85
1-on-2 $26.50 $41.35 $40.90
1-on-3 $19.50 $45.60 $45.15 

*All our prices are flat-rates,  irrespective of time of day or weekends. As community Heroes, our mission is to ensure people in the community have FUN and get the help they need, whenever they need, despite having limited or no funding.

Service Member Rate for 10-Hours Hero Rate for 10-Hours Net (Less insurance)
Sleepover $180.00 $150.00 $149.10 

*Sleepover -  A sleepover shift is a booking of 8 hours where there is no expectation of being woken, but does include up to 2 hours of assistance where required (during the night). Additional support can be rostered before and/or after the sleepover and is paid at the relevant rate.

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