How do I become a Hero?

All heroes are required to complete Home Care Heroes onboarding requirements in order to be activated on the platform

As a Hero, you'll be an independent contractor (sole trader) who has a registered Australian Business Number (ABN). This means that you are self-employed and using Home Care Heroes as a service to find and connect with clients (members) who you'll support out in the community.

To get started head to and select "work with us"

You'll need to create a profile to explain your skills and the reason you would like to work with a Home Care Heroes.

All Heroes must have:

  • Valid police check (less than 2 years old) with NO disclosable court outcomes.
  • 3 references who think you are an excellent Hero (cannot be a relative, can be international but must speak English).
  • An ABN.
  • The right to work in Australia.
  • An Australian Bank Account.
  • Proficiency in English 

Only once we have the above and you have passed induction are we able to activate your profile