Getting Started

How much does it cost to register as a Hero?

It's completely free to sign up! Head on over to:

Will I be employed directly by Home Care Heroes?

No. As a Hero, you'll be an independent contractor (sole trader) who has a registered Australian Business Number (ABN). This means that you are self-employed and using Home Care Heroes as a service to find and connect with clients (members) who you'll support out in the community.

For more information about being an independent contractor (sole trader), click here

What are the requirements to become a Hero?

All Heroes must have:

  • Valid police check (less than 2 years old) with NO disclosable court outcomes.
  • 3 references who think you are an excellent Hero (cannot be a relative, can be international but must speak English).
  • An ABN.
  • The right to work in Australia.
  • An Australian Bank Account.

Only once we have the above are we able to publish your profile in our directory.

How do I obtain a NSW National Police Check?

To speed up the process, you can get your pre-approved National Police Check from CITED using the link below. In addition to being quick and easy, they offer a great price for Home Care Heroes of $41.50 (compared to $53.00 directly with NSW Police and no need to visit the Police Station). We’ll also be automatically notified as soon as your application is completed on the website.

Obtain a Police Check from Cited Australia

How much do I get paid?

Heroes are paid $31.20 per hour for all companionship and domestic assistance services, including transport. 

What if I want to volunteer?

All Heroes are paid the standard hourly rate. You are free to do whatever you like with your payments, including donating them to charity! If this is something you're interested in, please contact us at

How far do I need to travel?

You are your own boss so you decide! Members are matched to you by location. It is then your choice to decide if you want to accept missions.

Do I get paid for travel time?

No, the visit begins once you arrive at the Member's house and ends when you leave.

For more information about transport, click here

Do I have to pay tax?

As an independent contractor, you need to pay your own tax. Please seek further advice from a tax professional. 

For more information about Tax, click here.

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