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Is it compulsory for Members to pay Heroes an additional transport fee?

No, it is not compulsory. Prior to October 2018 there was no way on the Home Care Heroes website for Members and Heroes to input kilometres and we had many enquiries about how transport costs worked.

If the member is not happy to pay the $0.80 per km, than you need to discuss with them how much they'd like to pay.

Important- By adding the KM's to your booking, it will create an invoice line for transportation. Please verify with your member if they have funding for transportation. If they do not, they will need to pay separately. 

By introducing this feature, we hope that this provides Members with a fair way to pay for transport should they wish to include this in addition to their bookings with their Hero.

You should always discuss including transport / being paid for transport provided during a booking directly with the member you are supporting.

If a member is happy for me to include kilometres in our bookings. How does this work?

This new feature allows heroes to include transport for their bookings without the need to adjust actual times to compensate their transport. 

Complete Booking

This is where a hero can enter the details for transport. Hero can opt to remove the transport by unchecking the checkbox then Kilometers field will be hidden. A new agreement checkbox is also present requiring heroes to click on this checkbox before completing a booking.

The transport feature calculates at $0.80 per km. Therefore, if you enter 10 km this will be 10 X $0.80 = $8.

As a result, $8 will be added to your booking and paid to the Hero. 

Participant transport as part of a community participation support 

Providing community participation supports may, at the request of a participant, involve a worker accompanying a participant on a community outing and/or transporting a participant from their home to the community. In these situations, the worker’s time can be claimed at the agreed hourly rate for the relevant support item for the total time the worker provides support to one or more participants, including time spent accompanying and/or transporting the participant. Where a provider is transporting two or more participants on the same trip, the worker’s time should be claimed at the appropriate group rate for the relevant support. 

This claim should be made using the relevant community participation support item and against the participant’s core budget. In essence, the participant transport is a part of the community participation activity and should be billed accordingly. Contribution towards costs of transport itself If a provider incurs costs, in addition to the cost of a worker’s time, when accompanying and/or transporting participants in the community (such as cost of ticket for public transport, road tolls, parking fees and the running costs of the vehicle), they may negotiate with the participant for them to make a reasonable contribution towards these costs. 

A participant’s support budget may include funding for transport, and this funding can be used for these types of contributions, which should be clearly specified in the service agreement. If the participant’s support budget does not include funding for transport, then these costs should not be met from the participant’s plan, but can be charged as an out of pocket expense to the participant.  

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