Finding Support

How do I find someone?

At Home Care Heroes, there are two methods of finding the right person. The first method is to create a Mission Post and the second method is to use our Hero Location Search. You can find more information about these tools below.  

How to create a Mission Post

You can do this by clicking on the “Missions” tab and then selecting “Create a new Mission”.

Creating a Mission Post is a great way to find someone for a specific role. It is also useful if you are low on time!

The Mission Post will be visible to our community who can then place their interest if the role fits in with their skills and availability. 

At the bottom of the Mission Post, you can see all people that have placed their interest in the Mission. You can then click on their picture to view their profile and, if you would like to - get in contact!

Once you have found someone for the role, you can close the Mission to prevent more people from placing interest. Everyone who applied for the Mission will be notified once a Mission is closed. 

Find a Hero - Location based Search

Finding someone via the “Find a Hero” search option allows you to search for a person in your local area by scrolling through the database. 

When to use this Method:

  • You don’t have any of the following: 
  • Specific requirements with regards to the time or day of bookings
  • Require a Hero in the next 5 days

You can filter the search by location, interests and to include only Heroes with a Car. 

The people at the top of the search results are the closest match to your search. 

You can filter the search by: Location, Interests & Heroes with a Car

I can’t find anyone - what do I do?

We may be an online platform but we have a team that is here to help! 

Our team is constantly monitoring the Mission Board to make sure that all Missions are matched and completed however, if you haven’t been able to find the right Hero for you, we have your back!

Call or email the Hero Headquarters team and let us know what type of Hero you are looking for. 

We can assist by:

  • Sending you 3 Recommendations (based upon your preferences and requirements)
  • Match you with someone manually and Organise a Meet and Greet

I need someone within the next 5 days - what do I do?

 If you need someone urgently, please contact the our Headquarters and we will do our best to match you with the perfect match in time. 

Please note, our team generally requires a minimum of 2 business days to assure that we can find someone to fill the role however we will always do our best in urgent situations to make sure you have supports in place. 

The regular support person is not available for my normal booking, what do I do?

Don’t panic - we have lots of people that are here to help! 

If the booking is not within the next 2 days, create a one-off Mission Post on the platform to connect with Heroes that would be available to fill in. 

If the booking is within the next 2 days, contact our Hero Headquarters team, let us know what you require and we can do our best to organise an alternative Hero for the booking.

Can I have more than one helper?

Yes! We have a large database of diverse people so we recommend that if you are looking for people with different qualities, skills or availability that you have as many as it takes to suit your needs. 

How long does it take to find someone?

Finding someone can take a couple of minutes to a few days however our team will be supporting you through the process and we aim to have you connected within a week. 

I can’t find where to create a Mission or use the Location Search - what do I do?

We are very supportive of our Members having independence and supported-control in the process and are here to help! 

To make things a little easier, we have created the below video which should assist you in getting started. 


If you are still having trouble, our team can teach you how to create a Mission, use the Location Search, contact and book people. 

Contact our Headquarters team and we can figure out a personalised process to make sure you are supported in accessing and using the platform. 

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