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How much does it cost?

It's free to register. You're then able to browse our directory of amazing Heroes to find the most suitable carer or companion for you. Head to our website to get started: https://www.homecareheroes.com.au/care_seekers_launch

Are you NDIS registered providers?

Yes, Home Care Heroes is an NDIS Registered Provider. If you have an NDIS Plan, you can use the following funding areas to access our services.

Core Supports

  • Daily Activities: Assistance with Daily Activities
  • Daily Activities: Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Capacity Building Supports

  • Increased Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Daily Living
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing

Are you a My Aged Care, Home Care Provider?

Home Care Heroes is not a Home Care Provider but we are a private service under My Aged Care. This means that your client may be able to utilise their My Aged Care Package to access our service. To do so, speak with their My Aged Care package provider surrounding the selection of an independent care worker (a Hero). 

What is the charge for NDIS Participants to set up an account?

Home Care Heroes does not charge set-up fees. 

How much will it cost me per hour?

All bookings for 1 to 1 support are charged at a flat rate of $35 per hour incl. GST for all services provided. You only pay for the time the Hero is providing care and our price remains the same Monday to Sunday!
* Our minimum booking time is 1 hour.

Services Members Hourly Rate
1-on-1 $35
1-on-2 $26.50
1-on-3 $19.50
*All our prices are flat-rates,   irrespective of time of day or weekends. As community Heroes, our mission is to ensure people in the community have FUN and get the help they need, whenever they need, despite having limited or no funding.
Service Member Rate for 10-Hours
Sleepover $180.00

*Sleepover -  A sleepover shift is a booking of 8 hours where there is no expectation of being woken, but does include up to 2 hours of assistance where required (during the night). Additional support can be rostered before and/or after the sleepover and is paid at the relevant rate.

How do I pay for the services?

Upon completion of each mission, an invoice will be sent to your email for payment (depending on your account settings) either through credit card, My Aged Care, third party or we will claim through the NDIS portal.

How do I provide my payment details?

Before making a booking, you will have to complete the “Payments” section of your profile with the correct details for your funding situation. 

The process by which the payment is collected depends upon whether you have an NDIS plan (and how you are managing your funding), My Aged Care Package or whether you are paying directly. 

If you are paying directly: 

  • Your Credit Card will be charged directly following your confirmation of the bookings. 

If you are paying through your NDIS Plan:

  • If you are Plan Managed: An invoice will be sent to your Plan Manager
  • If you are Self Managed: You (or your Primary Carer(’s)) Credit Card will be charged directly following the confirmation of the booking and you can then claim the booking from the NDIS. 
  • If you are NDIS Agency Managed: You will provide us the category and amount you'd like to allocate to Home Care Heroes. We will then create a Service Booking and claim from the Service Booking following the confirmation of the bookings. 

If you are paying through your My Aged Care Plan: 

  • We will invoice you the person or party managing your package following the confirmation of the booking. 

I am plan managed but would like to receive invoices to keep track of bookings. Can I do this?

You can definitely do this! Once logged in, just click on “Profile” in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Then, click payments and scroll down. At the bottom of the payments section, there is a tick box that states “Email me copies of Invoices”. Tick this box. All future invoices will now also be sent to your email. 

Who pays for additional expenses during bookings (i.e. tickets, public transport and outings)?

We recommend that if you do not have a Companion Card, before your first booking, you should discuss with the other person what expenses will or won’t be paid for. This is completely up to the Member and worker to decide on based on what they are comfortable with. Home Care Heroes does not organise the payment for additional expenses. 

Please note, we do not recommend covering the Heroes travel to and from your home in the booking time. 

How can my client pay the worker for petrol costs incurred during bookings?

Most commonly, our Heroes add Petrol Costs incurred while transporting a Member to the booking. 

For more information regarding transportation cost, please click Here

I have a new NDIS plan! What do I do?

Send an email to our team [ hello@homecareheroes.com.au ] with the below details:

  • Name
  • NDIS Number
  • Plan Start and End Date
  • Allocation Area and Amount (If they are NDIS Agency Managed)

We will then adjust your details on our systems and you can continue bookings as per normal. 

I am coming up for an NDIS review meeting. What do I do?

Send an email to our team [ hello@homecareheroes.com.au ] with the below details:

  • Name
  • NDIS Number
  • Review Meeting Date
  • Goals in their previous plan
  • Requested hours required per week with Home Care Heroes in their new plan

How do I look for a someone with specific skills?

Each person has a profile with a description of themselves and their skills. You can create a Mission on the Mission Board which is shared with all Active Heroes.

Can I trust people on the website?

Our Heroes have been screened with online tests, face to face interview, 3 reference checks and a police check. Also we encourage Members to rate and give feedback on their Heroes so that others can use the community to find suitable Heroes.

All approved people on the website are insured for Public Liability, Errors and Omissions and Personal Accident Liability. For more information on Trust & Safety click Here.

What if I need nursing, medical or personal care?

Heroes only provide companionship and non-medical services. If you require nursing, medical or personal care we can assist you to find the right support and services for you. Give us a call on 02 8310 7531.

If the matter is urgent please contact a professional health care provider or call 000 immediately.

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