How do I pay for my vehicle allowance?

Is it compulsory to pay a Hero an additional transport fee?

No, it is not compulsory. Prior to October 2018 there was no way on the Home Care Heroes website for Members and Heroes to input kilometres and we had many enquiries about how transport costs worked.

We introduced this feature in order to provide Members with a fair way to pay for transport should they wish to include this in addition to their bookings with their Hero.

Do Heroes get paid for travel time?

Heroes do not get paid for the time they spend traveling to or
from a booking. If the Hero agrees to use their own car during a shift to assist you in accessing the community, you have the option to pay them $0.80 per kilometre to cover the cost of fuel.

How much does Home Care Heroes charge for transport?

When creating a new booking, the transport checkbox offers Members the opportunity to pay Heroes fairly for transportation provided at $0.80 per kilometre travelled. 

Home Care Heroes standard flat rate has not been changed and remains at $35 per hour despite the optional transport fee.

Is transport automatically included in bookings?

No! The transport section of each booking form is an additional charge which is to be discussed between Members and Heroes. It will not be automatically included in bookings made on the Home Care Heroes website.

How do I pay my Hero for Transport?

When creating a new booking, Heroes will see a tick-box for transport as a part of the booking form which reads "WILL YOU BE PROVIDING TRANSPORT DURING THIS BOOKING?".

Once selected, a section will appear for Heroes to enter the kilometres (distance expected to be travelled) for this particular booking.

If you make the decision after a booking has taken place that you would like to pay the Hero for transport that occurred (or you would like to adjust the original included amount), the Hero can add in the kilometres when they complete the booking for your approval before you are invoiced.

I'm an NDIS participant. Which part of my budget will the transport fee draw from?

If you have a Transportation support category in your plan, the Heroes can separate the invoice to reflect this. 

If the transport being provided makes up a part of the Hero assisting with your Core Supports or Capacity Building activities, this will NOT be billed under the NDIS Transport Category Item even if you do have allocated funding for transport.

As an NDIS Participant, how do I pay for my vehicle allowance?

Self-managed: Upon request, HCH can send the Vehicle Allowance to you on a separate invoice alongside your regular invoices. Otherwise, we can also include transportation within the same invoice. 

Plan-managed: HCH can send the Vehicle Allowance on a separate invoice or the same invoice to your nominated Plan Manager alongside your regular invoices. Please check with your plan manager to see if they are able to pay transport invoices before booking transport shifts. 

NDIA-managed: you have two options…

Option 1 – pay directly out of your transport funds/private funds. 

Option 2 – request that HCH claims from your transportation category. 

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