Complaints Policy

Feedback and Complaints

Home Care Heroes provides the information and support to make a complaint. Each complaint can be made at any time in writing to, through or Contact Us page, by phone (02 8310 7531) or in person.  

HCH supports participation in the complaint handling process of any person wanting to make a complaint and we will work with the person to identify the desired goal.

Turn around

HCH will respond to all feedback and complaints within 72 hours. Complaints are acknowledged in a timely manner, addressed promptly and according to order of urgency, the complainant will be kept informed throughout the process.

Each person has the opportunity to;

  • Choose a support person such as an advocate to assist or represent him or her during the process
  • Work with their families and carers to try and resolve the issue with HCH
  • Make a complaint in a safe environment 
  • Make a complaint with no negative consequences or retribution
  • Continuous and easy access to meaningful and culturally relevant information about the service provider’s complaint policy and processes.
  • Have a chosen support person such as an advocate to assist or represent them during the process.
  • Make a complaint is supported by the service provider, in a way which reflects their individual, cultural and linguistic needs to assist them to understand and participate in the complaint handling process.
  • Determines how, when and where the complaint will be made.
  • Nominate the person they want at the service as the key contact regarding the complaint.
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