What is a Meet and Greet? 

A Meet and Greet is an opportunity for you to meet with the Hero prior to bookings. This is not charged. 

At the Meet and Greet you can make sure that the Hero is the right match for you and also go through logistics such as:

  • The organisation of extra expenses and transport
  • Times and days you will be requiring supports on an ongoing basis.

We recommend meeting at a location such as your home or a cafe and allowing 15 to 30 minutes. 


How do I make a booking?

Once you have found the right Hero, you can make a booking in 3 simple steps.

  1. Message the Hero 

Message the Hero to confirm the booking time and date. Please note, in order to make a booking, you have to have previously messaged the Hero. 

 2. Make a Booking

Once the Hero has confirmed their availability, click on the “Bookings” tab at the top of the website page. 

On the Bookings page, click on the “Make a Booking” button, located at the top-right of the page. Then, select your Hero and create a booking. 

If the Hero is going to be supporting you at the same time every week, you can select “Make repeat bookings for this day and time” which allows you to create a booking at the same time for the following 2 - 12 weeks. 

3. Hero receives Booking Request

Once you have made a booking with a Hero, they will receive the “Booking Request”. The Hero should “Accept” the request on the platform prior to the booking taking place. 

What happens once a booking takes place? Do I have to do anything?

After the booking takes place, the Hero will go onto the platform and “Complete the Booking”. At this stage, they can adjust the time if the booking ran for less or more time than expected. 

You will then receive an email notifying you that the booking has been completed. You then just need to go onto the platform, click on the “Bookings” tab, click on the relevant booking and then click “Confirm Booking”. 

The booking will now be processed and charged. 

What happens if the booking runs for less or more time?

If the booking runs for less or more time, the Hero can adjust this when completing the booking. 

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, you can cancel a booking. You can do this by clicking on the “Bookings” tab and then clicking on the booking you wish to cancel. From there, scroll down and click “Cancel Booking”. 

Will the booking be charged if I cancel?

If the cancellation occurs prior to 24 hrs before the booking, you will not be charged. 

If the cancellation occurs within 24 hrs of the booking, you will be charged*. 

*If a cancellation takes place within 24hrs of the booking due to severe illness or an emergency, the booking will not be charged. 

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