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How can I get my client started with Home Care Heroes?

Every one of our Members has an account on our platform. This allows them to find and contact Heroes and organise bookings.

In order to get your client started, the first step is to create their profile. You can do this by clicking on the Hero in the top-left corner of your screen and then clicking on “Find a Hero near you”. 

From there, follow the steps to complete their profile. This will take ~10 minutes to complete. 

What if my client doesn’t use the internet?

Home Care Heroes is an online platform and therefore, in order to match your client with a Hero, you will have to create a profile for them. If they don’t have access to a computer or phone or you aren’t very good with technology, you can manage their profile. 

If this doesn’t suit, we also have a team behind the platform that is here to help! Our team can work with you to contact Heroes and create bookings. 

Contact us on 02 8310 7531 and we would be very happy to help!

Can I create a profile for myself in order to view the platform?

Yes, you can definitely create a profile in order to view the platform prior to signing up participants. Just make sure to place a note that it is a Support Coordinator or Case Manager profile in the “About Me” section.

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