How do I create an account for my client?

Looking to find a Hero for a client? Fantastic! Click on this link and follow the steps to create their account. Every Member requires an account in order to be matched with a Hero. 

If your client is not comfortable with sharing information about themselves online, you can place a “ * “ in the question sections in order to complete them and then edit the “About Me” section of their profile to discuss what supports they are looking for. 


How do I adjust the information on my clients profile?

Once logged in, click on “Profile” in the top right-hand corner of your screen. You will then see the different areas of their profile that you can adjust. 

  • If the area is green, that means that it has been completed. You can adjust the details by clicking on it. 
  • If the area is grey, that means that it has not been completed. You can adjust the details by clicking on it. 

I can’t log into my clients account and didn’t receive the email to reset the password! What do I do?

That is no problem - we can fix it in no time! 

Click on the purple and white button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, send our team a message and we can reset the password. 

My Client would like to take control over the process and have independence in organising their Hero - what do I do?

We are very supportive of our Members having independence and supported-control in the process and are here to help! 

  • Our team can assist with creating and accepting bookings as well as in contacting Heroes.  
  • Our team can support you and your client by organising a time to teach your client how to use the platform over the phone!

If your client will be taking over control of their profile, please let our team know so that we can adjust their contact settings on our systems. We can also figure out a personalised process to make sure that they are supported in accessing and using the platform. 

I have various clients signed up under my emails and receive emails for all of their bookings. How can I prevent this?

That is no problem! Just send our team an email and let us know which accounts you would like notifications switched off for. 

Do you have set-up costs for joining the platform?

No, joining the platform and being a part of the Homecare Heroes community is absolutely free!

Do I have to create separate accounts for my different clients?

Yes. Seperate accounts are required for different clients as the bookings within each account are connected directly to payments. We also recommend messaging Heroes for each participant through their own account as this prevents. 

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