How can I get started with Home Care Heroes?

Every one of our Members has an account on our platform. This allows you to find and contact Heroes and organise bookings for you or your loved one. 

In order to get started, the first step is to create your profile. You can do this by clicking on the Hero in the top-left corner of your screen and then clicking on “Find a Hero near you”. 

From there, follow the steps to complete your profile. This will take ~10 minutes to complete. 

Don’t worry, your profile is not public! To read more about Privacy, click here. 

What if I don’t use the internet?

Home Care Heroes is an online platform and therefore, in order to match you with a Hero, you will have to create a profile. If you don’t have access to a computer or phone or you aren’t very good with technology, we can organise for someone else to manage your profile. For example, a family member, friend or Support Coordinator. 

If this doesn’t suit, we also have a team behind the platform that is here to help! Our team can work with you to create your profile, contact Heroes and create bookings. 

Contact us on (02) 8310 7531 and we would be very happy to help!

I don’t have all of the information to complete my profile, can I still search for Heroes?

In order to search for Heroes, you will require the following basic details to be completed on your profile:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Ph
  • Gender 
  • Date of Birth
  • Languages Spoken
  • Suburb
  • A brief biography
  • A brief overview of the supports you require

You can update your other details (Hobbies, Activities, Address and Payment Details) at a later time however, your Payment Details are required prior to making your first booking. 

I have created my profile, what do I do now?

Great, work - let’s find you a Hero!

Head here to find out how you can find the right Hero for yourself or a loved one. 

How can I find a Hero?

Head here to learn more about how you can find the right Hero for yourself or a loved one.

Does Home Care Heroes match me with a Hero?

Once you have created a profile on the platform, our system will automatically match you with three Heroes based on your interests and hobbies, required supports and location! From there, you can message your Heroes directly on the platform. 

If you would prefer to choose your own Hero, you can use our Hero Location Search [Link to Hero Location search] to find Heroes in your local area or you can reach out to our Heroes by creating a Mission Post [Link to mission post article]. 

Don’t worry - if you are having trouble in finding the right Hero we have a real-life, passionate and dedicated team that is here to help!

You can reach us calling us on (02) 8310 7531 or sending an email to

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